Finnish beauty

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18132141-795A lot of guys ask for advice what to do, because they met the incredibly beautiful women of Finland. It seems many folks intuitively feel they have to do something really special with a beautiful Finnish girl something different than they usually do.
If you’re going to get acquainted with sexy women from Finland, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. First, they are all women. So all of the concepts and techniques I taught you to work. But there are some nuances that you should remember when you meet with an extraordinarily beautiful Finnish girl.

1. Most likely it was either a model or an actress or dancer. When a beautiful woman receives Finnish experience in these professions, in her mind for some changes inevitably occur. First, she quickly realizes that this industry is full of the hands of unscrupulous men with great potential who want just sex. For Finnish women is a unique school of life, after which she is learning to play against the best “players” in this field. Often, these men turn in the industry for many years and have learned or created a very specific techniques of manipulating women … and learned how to get sex from them. After a few months in the business, most of the girls takes on a very different view of the male gender. By the way, plus they are getting smarter. They know how to recognize a man who tells stories to get sex with her. Some of the sexiest girls from Finland is also learning to make a man immediately feel uncomfortable if she does not want to talk to him. This is a normal natural defense mechanism and Finnish beauties are usually very well know how to use it. If it works a stripper, I can argue about a couple of things … First, she will not tell you who he is working. Second, she knows how to establish a “special relationship” with anyone. Strippers know how to dissociate itself from the man hide their attitude behind an impenetrable mask. Usually, this is not good.

2. Have beautiful Finnish women more choice, but often it is because they are bored. Most guys assume that the really beautiful girls only interested in tall, rich, handsome guys. Well, these beliefs are far from the truth. But you know what? Like everything in this world, the new boring.

3. Belle used to that concern them because of their special physical beauty and not because of their way of thinking or talents. Beauty creates distance. What a beautiful girl (or becomes more beautiful with makeup, clothes, hairstyles, and other “improvements”), the more difficult to communicate with her simple people. When you start talking to a woman who apparently spent many hours grooming themselves, applying makeup, choosing a dress, putting hair and most importantly practicing special “behavior” that creates beauty, THEN YOU CAN FEEL IT. Something completely different. She knows it and you know it. And she wants you to know that.

Beauty gives women power. It gives women power because it forces men to give up their power. So … let’s talk about what it means … and what to do about it. How you should communicate with the model, an actress or a dancer, feeling good and not embarrassed by her work or beauty?

As I said earlier, everything in this life boring if this very very much. Sooner or later, every guy in a chic suit with a tie and a Mercedes becomes commonplace and begins to get lost among his own kind. A delicious meal in the restaurant becomes monotonous fresh. Then what does a woman, who has everything?

Maybe someone from the Finnish girls wrinkled her nose and laughed thee? Of course, it will happen sooner or later … and I mean this. When we are faced with the fact that beauty creates a distance, we come to the conclusion that you must be strong … you have to remember that her beauty – it’s a ridiculous mistake of nature (combined with the magic of hair and makeup).

What is the best way to proceed? Do not pay attention and do not accept at all the impact of her appearance. By all means avoid the topic, but if she does talk about it, laugh at her. The very idea of ​​having to ignore her beauty, and treat her as his friend, with whom you feel good to have a greater effect.

Sometimes beauty can be so shocked by this that they begin to get nervous. They frantically begin to check the mascara on the eyelashes or something. Conclusion: The woman is able to immediately determine whether you succumb to its beauty or not. If so, then it is you realize that you can control. Most beautiful women are going crazy, trying to get attention. They are so used to the fact that they get a huge amount of male attention, they think that the way it should be. It becomes part of their lives. When they meet a guy who is interesting, charming, funny, you start to pay attention to it.

Is that all? No, but it’s a hell of a good start. Oh, one more important thing. I want to ask you to think about what happens when you see, when a beautiful woman passes by. I’m talking about the kind of women that you meet no more than once or twice a month … or maybe even once a year. Remember how you stop, look back, keep looking … And what you’re feeling at the same time? You know what? Most men feel the same way when they see this incredibly beautiful woman. For her, all the guys are merged into a single mass of compliments, suggestions to meet, and attention.

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