Character women of Norway

Character of women Women of Norway
women of Norwegia

Do foreigners coming to Norway, as a rule, a great many stereotypes with which he will have to say goodbye immediately upon arrival in the country. If you believe that Norway – a country with a harsh climate, population gloomy and taciturn people, then you will find plenty of surprises. Winter Norwegians go to a […]

May 8. As the night of women in Norway?

Women of Norway
Women of Norway

Night to celebrate women of Norway who played a significant role in the story, or Kvinnehistorisk natt, five years ago came up with the feminists and feminists from the Norwegian city of Bergen. Although the Nordic countries feminist movement is very strong, in Norway there is still gender discrimination. Sound requirements of equal pay (in modern […]

Beauty secrets of women from different countries

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Beautiful women in the world have one thing: they know how to preserve their beauty. If the Japanese came into your bathroom, it’d be surprised. After all, many Japanese women at home has a special room for swimming – water present kingdom special microclimate with a bunch of cleaning agents. On the skin effect is […]